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 How to apply

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PostSubject: How to apply   Tue May 08, 2007 2:36 pm

Hello and welcome to Vanguards forums. If you have been directed here then you are probably looking for a spot in our future raids, so, to give you the best chance possible of getting here, here are a few tips on presenting yourself in your application.

- Remember you do not need to register to apply. But you can register if you want, it is up to you. Simply make a post, making sure you tell us your character's name, class and level.
- Make the topic title as clear and relevant as possible.
- Any details such as resistances, health, mana, attack power, etc. should be presented in unbuffed values, and only people at level 70 should tell this.
- Take care to let us know about any previous raiding experience you may have had, regardless of how long ago and whether or not on the character you are applying with and wheter or not if it was before TBC or after.
- Feel free to give us some real life information about you, let us know about what kind of person you are and what we can expect you will bring to the raidgroup as a person.
-Please let us know when the best time for you start the raid. 18:00, 19:00 etc. Could also be 09:00 if you prefer that. Just to let us know.

When we start to raid we will use Teamspeak 2 during the raids, so please remember that if you do not have it at the moment you will need to download it if you get into the guild and begin to raid with us.

That's the basic information and guidelines you need for your application, good luck with all of yours and hopefully we will see you in raids in the future!
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How to apply
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